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Space - Technology

Fun facts about MakeMake, It could have been discovered earlier. MakeMake is the third biggest dwarf planet in the Kuipt belt. MakeMake might have 2/3 of Pluto’s diameter. Also it has one known satellite. One more thing is it was named 3 years after it was discovered.

Information about MakeMake, MakeMake has no rings around it. It also has 1 moon and the color is pink!! The temperature is -406 dergrees farinhight, brrrrrrrrr. Also MakeMake is 4.26 billion miles from the sun.

The size of MakeMake is 1400 kilometers! The rotation on its axis is 22.5 hours. The orbit around the sun is 11300 days to orbit the sun. MakeMake is a rocky plant. It is the 12 planet from the sun.

How MakeMake gets it name, MakeMake gets its name from the Rapanui the god of fertily.


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