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Nicolaus Copernicus

Galileo Galilei was born on February 15th, 1564 in the city of Pisa, Italy. He was the first of six kids. Galileo was a very good student. After a while he graduated high school and got accepted into the university of Pisa to study medicine. There he founed interests in mathematics and physics. I learned this from the video to the right at 0:19 when the narrator states, "Galileo decided that being a doctor was boring..." Not long afterward he dropped out due to financial reasons. After leaving university he got small teaching jobs at various colleges. Soon Galileo got a full time job teaching geometry, mechanics, and astronomy at the university of Padua. He was a very strong supporter of the Copernican theory. While talking to one of his friends Galileo was shown a small, compact telescope. That inspired Galileo to make his own version of the telescope. Galileo also had three kids out of wed lock with Marina Gamba. On January 8th, 1642 Galileo Galilei died in Arcetri, Italy after suffering from a fever.

Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Torun, Poland on February 19, 1473. He was the youngest of four kids. He was born into a fairly wealthy family. Nicolaus got all the advantages of being rich. He went to the university of Padua to study medicine. He found medicine veryboring and left before he got his degree to pursue math and astronomy. After a while he realized that ptolemaeus's view of the universe didn't quite make sense. So Nicolaus built his own observatory yet he had no telescope. I found this in the video on the left at 2:23 when one lady states, "In the observatory that he built there wasn't even a telescope". After a lot of observations Copernicas thought of what is now called a heliocentric solar system which means that all of the planets revolve around a sun. On May 24, 1543 Nicolaus Copernicus died in Frombork, Poland at the age of seventy.

Galileo and Copernicus were similar several different ways. One way that the two were similar was that both of them left college before they got their degrees so that they could pursue something else. Another thing is that while they were in university they majored in medicine. Also on Jeremy Riveras prezi one of his slides said, "Both believed in and supported heliocentrism." Lastly both Galileo and Copernicus died pushing the idea of a sun centered solar system.Galileo and Copernicus were very similar but at the same time very different. One thing is that they were born on complete differeent sides of Europe. Also the two of them never lived at the same time. Another thing is that they both attended the university of Pauda but Galileo was a teacher and copernicus was a student. Lastly, Copernicus was very interested in law and Galileo was more facinated by physics.

Galileo Galilei

Nicolaus Copernicas changed how people view the solar system and what we know about the solar system. If Nicolaus Copernicus didn't learn that our solar system is a heliocentric solar system even now we may have all been idiots that thought that everything revolved around the earth like Ptolemaeus had originally thought. In the video above one lady explains Ptolemaeus's theory as, "It was very complex, very unweildy and really didn't work." This shows that Copernicus was a crucial element to modern day astronomy.

Galileo had a huge impact on modern day society. He helped spread the idea of a heliocentric solar system. Also Galileo created a more advanced and easier to use telescope that allows modern day astronomers to get a better idea of what the universe is like. If Galileo Galilei was never born we wouldn't be nearly as advenced in astronomical areas. Galileo changed modern times for ever. Lastly, on profesor P.Krishna's website he wrote, "...our life outwardly has changed more in the last one hundred years than it did in thousands of years earlier, because of the scientific knowledge accumulated over the last three centuries..." and part of that was Galileo Galilei


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