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Space Technology

The Space Shuttle length is 184 feet and weighs 4.5 million pounds.Did you know only 7 people can fly on a Space Shuttle at one time?The fuel for the Space Shuttle is mostly made of hydorgen and oxygen. The longest orbit of the space shuttle lasted seventeen and a half days.

The Hubble Telescope is used to take pictures and collect data from space. The H.T weighs 24500 pounds and is 43.5 feet tall. In 1990 the Hubble Telescope was launched and it cost 1.5 million dollars.The H.T uses 2800 watts and gets its power from the sun,it also collects 120 gigabytes of space data.

An Astronaut is a person trained by NASA to go to space for research on tempetures, planets, and other things in space.To get the feel of walking on the moon Astronauts have to train for 20 months most of the time under water.The first person to go in to space was Yuri Gargen, in 1961 but the first person to walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong. Did you know that astronaut means star sailor in greek?

The ISS takes information from smaller satellites that orbit around earth.The ISS can go so fast around the earth, it could go all the way to the moon and back in one day.The first ISS was launched in 1998. The ISS weighs almost 1 million pounds, and can hold 10 people at a time for more then 2 days.

The Mars Rover is used to see if humans can go to Mars and if alian life is on Mars.The Rovers head can extend to up to 23 feet.Did you know that the Rover has 17 cameras all smaller than a human hair.

Satellites are used to take pictures of the earth, if you go to NASA'S website it well show you live footage of space. There are over 2500 smaller Satellites that orbit around the earth. Satellites travel at 18000 miles an hour. Did you know that Satellites arnt launched on earth there launched in space on a rocket.

Sputnik 1 was launched into space in 1957.The Sputnik was the first man made Satellite to orbit the earth.In 1957 the Sputnik orbited the earth in 90 minutes.Did you know that the Sputnik weighs 83.6 Kg and is 23 inches

Telescopes are used to tell the seasons and if there going to change. You might think that Galilao invented the Telescope but he didnt Hans Lippershey invented it in 1608, Galilao was one of the first to use it. Did you know that the first Telescope had a glass lenz? Back when the first Telescope was invented a lot of people had different theories about what stars where made out of and the Telescope cleared that up.

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The Curiosity Rover was the first Rover. Curiositys mission was to find out if there if life could go on Mars; also what Mars is made out of,and does it have any cool features.Did you now that Curiosity was the size of a small SUV (9 feet.) Curiosity was made in 2011 not that long ago.


The Lunar Rover was used to go further on the moon, It also allows astronauts to see and do more things then if they were on foot. Did you know that NASA didn’t design the Lunar Rover Boeing Air Craft did and gave it to NASA for research. the next time NASA goes on the moon (2020) they want to stay on the moon for a couple months so that they can explore more.

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