[2015] Maidah Khan: Space Suits-Life Support System

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[2015] Maidah Khan: Space Suits-Life Support System

Space suit is a garment desgined to allow astronauts to survive in space.

Space Suit-Life support system

Space suit cost two million dollars

A spacesuit is made-up of many parts. One part covers the astronauts chest. Another part covers the arms and connects to the gloves. The helmet protects the head. Last part covers the astronauts legs and feet.

What are the parts of space suit?

What is a Space Suit?

How astronauts put on spacesuit

How much does it cost to get space suit?

What year was space suit was invented?

How do space suits protect astronauts from the temperatures?

Space suits were invented in 1935, 80 years ago.

In the sunlight, they can be as hot as250 degrees. In Earth orbit, conditions can be cold as minus 250 degrees. Space walking astronauts face a wide variety of tempertaure, sometimes its very cold, and sometimes very hot. Space suits protect astronauts

Clothes vs Space suits

By: Maidah

On earth we can wear whatever wewant except in winter we have to wearsome extra layers like winter coat,winter boots, gloves and sweater.

Now, imagine the challenges an astronautfaces in space, where there is no air,no protection from cold and heat, and nogravity to keep his/her feet on the ground. In space a person can die in 15 seconds due he lack of oxygen. This is the reason why astronauts need spacesuits.

Sometimes air leaks through spacesuits. Nasa is working to fix the problems.

Space suit problems?

The history, andfuture of space suits

Astronaut in space


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