Space Suit Project Engineer

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Space Suit Project Engineer

A space suit project engineer deals with the production and testing of new space suits. They have to make sure that the suit will withstand the conditions the astronaut will be facing during the mission. The suit also must be mobile enough for the astronaut to do neccessary functions for research and exploration.

What is it?

In order to become a space suit engineer, a degree in engineering is needed. Possible engineering fields could include mechanical and aerospace.

1. University of Texas at Austin2. Texas A'M University3. University of Texas of the Permian Basin

1. Make sure the suit passes all conditions tested2. Design suits that provide easier mobility with maximum protection3. Create suits that will be comfortable for astronauts on longer missions4. Make suits that meet the criteria for the specific mission5. Develop suits that create a suitable pressure within the suit that simulates Earth's



Space Suit Project Engineer


In the field of space suit engineering, I would want to work on designing and developing suits that could be used on the Mars missions. Contributing towards walking on another planet would be the an accomplishment superior to any before.


Z-2 Space Suit

Interview with Space Suit Engineer


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