Space Shuttle Columbia Disintegrates 2003

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Space Shuttle Columbia Disintegrates 2003

Who are the people involved? The people involved on this terrible tragedy were the seven crew members killed. Also all the people that were horrified such as their families, friends, and work partners. The spacecraft disintegrated above central Texas. After the accident NASA had to repair or make modifications to the downstream external tanks. The cost to make the modifications were approximately $1.7 billion dollars.

Space Shuttle Colombia Disintegrates 2003

How does it connect to or affect present day? This affected the present day by that NASA made new modifications and searched for the problem so that they could prevent another disaster. This made engineer improve their skills in how they should act as professionals and prevent accidents. It did not only affect NASA, but it gave more pressure to the U.S economy. Specially their families and friends which loved them so much and it shocked millions of people around the world.

What are the details? On February 1, 2003 at 8:48 a.m. while the spacecraft was descending from orbit Columbia's leftwing began to register a small stress. Over the next few minutes the shuttle data recorded sensors readings and failures on the left side of the spacecraft. The spacecraft was re-entering the atmosphere over Texas close to Huston, killing all seven crew members. The problem began after launch on January 16. A piece of foam insulation broke off the propellant tank and damaging the edge of the space shuttle's left wing. The Columbia disaster was the second major tragedy in the history of the space shuttle program.


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