Space Race

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Space Race

Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, into orbit.

Space Race


Sputnik was sent out, and this made the world afraid of Soviet Union's new power. They were afraid the Soviet Union might have the power to unleash a massive destructive weapon soon.


March 23, 1983, the Strategic Defense Intiative (a.k.a. Star wars), was developed to prevent missile attacks from other countries.

In the Space Race the U.S. and the Soviet Union raced to see who could reach certain points first. The Soviet Union at first was the victor with the first man and animal in space, but the U.S. eventually won with the first man on the moon.

Alan Shepard the first American in Space!

Yuri Gargarin the first man in space!

Aldrin with the flag

John Glenn first American in orbit

Laika the first animal in space

Miss Baker and Miss Able were the first monkeys recovered from space.

Sputnik the first artificialsatelite in space.

Stamp of Sputnik

The Cold War prompted the Space Race. A country that furthered in space exploration, was considered more prestigious and a superpower.

The Space Race had great Progagana value. Overall the United States spent about 25 billion dollars. The Soviet Union spent about 1 billion.

The Space Race brought new information to science. Satellites mapped weather and track droughts, livestock disease, and plagues. In space, scientists experimented,new medicine and vaccines.


American astronaut Aldrin on the moon

The Space Race started on October 4th, 1957 with the launch of Sputnik. The Space Race ended in July 24, 1975.



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