Space power plant clay

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Space power plant clay

Orbital Power Plant

It is important to understand global warming for many reasons. For example, it is helped along by too much carbon in the air, something we caused. It is also helping to degrade the ozone layer of the atmosphere. The carbon is creating the greenhouse effect, which is making it much worse. The Greenhouse Effect traps the sun near the Earth and heats it up. The heat is melting the polar ice caps which is not good. It floods some places and turns some to deserts. It could even cause an ice age! It is happening now and it will change the world.

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TestTest the solar panels by seeing their effectivity on earth and seeing how good they will be in space. If it increase at least double it passes.Test the refractor to see if it allows for the same ability n a smaller package. If it doubles the effectivity it passes.Test the microwave to be sure it is harmless. If you can leave a living thing in it for half an hour it passes.Test the dock to be sure it translates all the energy to electricity. If it changes 98% it passes.Look at the cost of a fleet. if it is at least plausible in financial terms it passes.

Specs1. The machine has rows of narrow solar panels.2. The panels have the sun magnified onto them by a refractor placed directly above them.3. The Generator sends energy back to Earth in The form of either microwaves or lasers.4. This is picked up by collecting stations spaced allover the planet, especially made for this purpose.5. The generators would orbit in a large fleet.

Design briefProblem:Normal solar panels depend on weather, time of day, and obstructions.Solution:In outer space there is no night and no obstructions. So put a solar panel in space.

DescriptionThe Orbital Power Plant is a great new way to get clean energy. Imagine a fleet of solar panels that orbit the earth and send us energy. That is what the Orbital Power Plant is. It uses high-tech refractors to concentrate the suns power on a small solar panel in space. Then it sends the collected energy to earth in the form of microwaves which are safe to touch, supposedly. The energy is collected by bases on earth that turns it to electricity. It is very expensive. It would save energy by flying over the clouds and buildings. This may just save the world.



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