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Space Junk

Space junk pieces increase becuase they keep forming .Pieces of broken satellites, whole satellites, and rocket bodies are some types of space junk. They form when these pieces disconnect from spacecraft to save weight. Some rockets and satellites explode or crash and form tiny space junk particles. Critical surfaces on a rocket are are examined every flight.when space junk forms it lands to Earth but it could be stopped.

Space Junk.

There is only one solution to get rid of the junk. If we recycle more materials then the materials can be reused for space to build better junkless rockets and satellites that create less space junk objects orbiting and land on Earth.That step can make our Earth clean from junk.

Space junk pieces location and size are caused by people on Earth.There are about 500,000 big pieces of space junk that orbit Earth, very fast . The space junk population increases. Some space junk pieces are the size of a marble or larger. Some are very small that they can not even be tracked..Space junk forms in a few ways done by humans.

Pilots and flight crews are asked to report if they see any space junk.

Stop at dangerous

Space junk pieces are almost everywhere.They can be dangerous becuase they can fall andland on Earth.

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Space junk orbiting Earth.

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The Location and Size

How Does Space Junk Form?

Humans try to get rid of space junk before they land but the debris keeps on building.Most space junk pieces would burn up before reaching planet Earth becausehumans would zap it with lazers.NASA predicts that most pieces of space junk will be likely to land in oceans between Canada and Africa, like the Atlantic Ocean, in the future. Peoplezap junk but it does not work because morejunk piles on and on.

Dealing With Space Junk

A Junky Solution


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