Space Jam

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Space Jam

Cartoon Stadium



Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny-  Billy West, Tweety Bird- Bob Bergen, Sylvester the Cat- Bill Farmer, Mr. Swackhammer- Danny DeVito

Our target market is for all ages that like sports or cartoon and people who have a sense of humor. 

Michael Jordan wins the basketball game and saves himself from being enslaved to the alien planet, and he is released back onto earth to play in his baseball game.


Joe Pytka

In the beginning of the movie, Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes are threatned and at the risk of slavery. The only way they can free themselves of this is by beating freakishly huge aliens in a basketball game. Later we see Micahel Jordan golfing with his friends. He then gets sucked down into a hole by some freak of nature and lands in the world of the Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny then explains why they need Michael Jordan on their basketball team. He considers, and he joins. They the under go some intense training and practice and Bugs Bunny goes back to Earth to snag Michael Jordan's favorite pair of shorts and sneakers. They succesfully obtain them and Michael Jordan wears both items in the game. Things seem rough at first, but then Bill Murray joins in and Michale Jordan and the Looney Tunes win the game. The Looney Tunes are free and Michae Jordan returns in time for a baseball game he was playing.

Came out in 1996

Space Jam


Produced in 1996



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