Space Garden 2.0

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Space Garden 2.0

Spinoff technology....Spinoff technology is when you take two or more inventions that have already been created. Then combine them into your own invention, to make it with new and possibly impoved features. That is what spinoff technology is.

Our First invention that we used was the Space Garden. Nasa used it to grow crops in space for long periods of time.

The second invention was the light Emitting Diode(LED). They are used to grow plants in space and on Earth. The chips can help with some diseases and pain. But it cannot do every thing.

The third invention was the insulated paint. This paint doesn't harm the environment. It is made from glass, apoxy, and cork. It produces heat out of wind and egine exhaust to keep its contents warm. NASA used it for space shuttle lauches. But now they use it for energy efficent homes.

Space garden 2.0Our spinoff is a insulated LED garden (space garden 2.0). There is a space garden with a pot painted with insuated paint. There is a wire holding up a LED light bulb over the garden. Some strengths it has is the gardener does not have to give the garden light and also the plants grow at the correct tempature because it is insulated. A weakness is that the gardener still has to give the garden water. We would figure out how to involve water so the gardener only has to pick the crops. We learned that you have to try different things until you have the perfect project for you. We felt confident making this design.

Our New Spinoff Invention Idea:Space Garden 2.0!!! We combined three of the inventions that NASA created and modified them to fit together. We did this to create something new and improved. We combined the space garden, LED (light edmiting diode) chips, and insulated paint. We put the space garden and insulated paint together because it will allow the crops to grow at the optimal tempature it needs to. This will also improve how many crops you've actually grown . It will grow more because you can grow multiple plants in the pot. We will also be attaching an LED bulb so all the gardener will have to do is water the garden. That is what we are doing for our spinoff project.

Click the flower to see our video/scratch project to learn more information about this spinoff.


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