Space Flight Technician

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Space Flight Technician

Space Flight Technician

- Inspect the spacecraft before, during, and after flights- Assist pilots and copilots in checking the operation of many instruments, including fuel gages and oil pressure- Assist pilots in reviewing the flight course and weather patterns- Advise pilots of any problems throughout the monitoring process and may make minor repairs- Inspect the spacecraft post-flight to ensure that all equipment is properly functioning- Submit flight logs

- Requires a commercial pilot’s license ' flight engineer certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - Usually need to be licensed by a regulatory agency - Must demonstrate time spent in the classroom ' time spent gathering practical skills working on aircraft- Usually need to pass an exam to become certified- May need to pass a medical exam to confirm they are safe to fly

- Necessary degree:aeronautical ' astronautical engineering- Possible colleges: - Stanford University - Boston University - Cornell University

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Education and Background

What Does a Flight Engineer Do in Space?

Job Responsibilities

Necessary personality traits: observance, attention to detail, meticulousness, preciseness, and great technical abilityMedian annual wage in May 2010: $103,210Similar careers: airline pilot, air traffic controller



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