Space Exploration

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Space Discoveries

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Space Exploration

Launched on April 19, 1971 unmanned.

Launched by the Soviet Union.2 days after launch the Soyuz 10 sent a crew of three men to the Salyut 1.

The Soyuz 10 crew tried to dock and enter the Salyut 1. After succesfully docking, there was a problem opening the door of the Salyut 1. Unable to enter, the Soyuz crew went home unsucessful.

The Salyut 1 Space Station by Alex Plant

On June 6, 1971 the Soyuz 11 sent Georgi Dobrovolski, Vladislav Vokov, and Viktor Patsayev to the Salyut 1. They docked and entered the Salyut 1 sucessfully.

The Salyut 1 Space Staion

The Salyut 1 was very important, it was the first space station launched into space. Its purpose was to test the effects of zero gravity on humans over a long period of time.

The Salyut 1 Space Staion docking with the Soyuz 11

Fun facts: There were 7 Salyut Space Stations launched into space.


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