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Space Discoveries

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Space Exploration

Space ExplorationBy: Evan W

Mars PathfinderThe Mars Pathfinder was launched by NASAon December 4th, 1996. It landed on Mars on July 4th, 1997. The cost of the Pathfinder was about $300 million."The main goals of the Pathfinder mission were to demonstrate an economical, fixed-price system for putting a science payload—a package of scientific instruments—on Mars, and to test the capabilities of a mobile rover on the surface." according to elibrary. The mssion lasted more than the originally planned 30 days and gave scientists a lot of data on Mars.

SputnikThe Soviet Union launched Earth's first manmade sattelite and inaugurated the space age on October 4th, 1957. Sputnik was a 184 pound silver satellite, about the size and shape of a blue-ribbon watermelon. "Less than a week after Sputnik began orbiting Earth, politicians and the press had spun it into a shocking symbol of Soviet superiority that could soon lead to nukes falling on American cities."according to elibrary. The Soviets announced plans to go into space at least 20 times since 1951.

Hubble Space TelescopeThe Hubble Space Telescope was released from the space shuttle Discovery, on April 25, 1990. It orbits 613 km (381 mi) above the Earth. In 1984 the telescope was named in honor of astronomer Edwin Hubble. After the Hubble Space Telescope was launched, it was found that, because of an error in testing, the main mirror could not focus properly. A 1993 Shuttle mission installed a corrective camera for the mirror. The HST has taken many great photos over the years. Its pictures indicate that there are about 50 billion more galaxies than we thought had originally existed!


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