Space Exploration Timeline

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Space Discoveries

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Space Exploration Timeline

Space Exploration Timeline



Sputnik: First artificial satellite launched by Solviet Union on October 4, 1957

Discover of Extrasolar Planets 1995-Present, when the first extrasolar planet was disovered, others were trying to be found. The end result was they found 358 extrasolar planets

Near Earth Asteroid Rendez vous Shoemaker Mission 1996-2001, it landed on 433 Eros and got 69 close up photos


Building of International Space Station 1998-2009, most of the space missions from the United States and Russia were based around the ISS


Stardust Comet Sample Return Mission 1999-2006, this was the first mission dedicated to extraterestrial material

Chandra X-Ray Observatory 1999-Present, this is what NASA considered the Great Observatory

First Landing on an Asteroid Febuary 12, 2001, in 2001 spacecraft landed on Eros


Hubble Servicing Missions 2002-2009, the telescope made from this is an extremly important astromical discovery

Shenzou V, 2003, was when China joined Russia and the United States and sent people into space

Columbia accident 2003 and return flight 2005, killed seven people in the accident

SpaceshipOne June 21,2004, Sepember 29, 2004, and October 4, 2004, was the "White Knight" that was sent just above the atmosphere

Mars exploration Rovers 2004- Present, in 2004 the "Spirit" landed on Mars and is still there


First impact with a comet July 4, 2005, the deep impact slams into a comet

The hunt for extrasolar planets March 6, 2009, Kepler spacecraft launches a mission so search for extrasolar planets

HYABUSA 2: Japanese to rendezvous with astriod 1999 JU3. Launch date December 3, 2014


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