Space Craft Maintenance

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Space Craft Maintenance

*research the design for the spacesuits that astronaut wear by taking measurements of people and studying how they move*study robotics designs that can potentially enhance the health and comfort of space mission crews *research ways to make the international space station more liveable*evaluate human health in the space environment*develop technologies that can prolong the time humans can live in low Earth orbit*research more efficient methods for atmosphere revitalization, food production and processing, and waste processing *troubleshoot

SpaceCraft Maintenance

Biomedical Engineering

A job in the space field that interests me is biomedical engineering, a part of spacecraft maintenance. For human space exploration to be possible, systems must act as functional replacements for the natural life support systems that are copious here on the Earth. These life support systems include those that regenerate air, water, provide food, manage waste material, and sustain the health of the crew. Biomedical engineering is a discipline that advances knowledge in medicine, biology, and engineering. It incorporates the engineering sciences with biomedical science and clinical practice with the aim of improving human health. In accordance to the fulfillment of NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration, the demand for technologies and instruments that are smaller, lighter, smarter and more compatible with space exploration is growing. Biomedical engineers play a role in this by conducting research and developing advanced technologies that will allow for safe and efficient future human exploration missions in space.

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What degree would I need? ^I would need a bachelor’s degree with major in biomedical engineering from an accredited college or university. What schools could I attend? Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. ... Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. ... University of California - San Diego.

SpecializationI would like to specialize in spacesuit research and design. I find spacesuits very interesting because of the major role they play in making human space exploration possible. They serve many important functions including the provision of support and comfort that the Earth or spacecraft would. Another is by holding support systems of elements like oxygen that are plentiful here on Earth but very scarce in outer space environments. By working with a model spacesuit, I would be able to study how wearable medical sensors can be used in future space missions to keep astronauts healthy.

Designing Spacesuits


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