Space Concepts Gr3

by MrsLuria
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Space Concepts Gr3

Axis: the imaginary line going through a planet's polesConstellation: groups of stars that appear to form imaginary pictures in the skyGalileo: the "Father of Modern Science" who build on Copernicus' ideas of a heliocentric solar systemJohannes Kepler: the scientist who figured out how planets orbit the sun, among other discoveriesLunar eclipse: when Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moonMoon phases/ lunar cycle: the pattern of the changes in the appearance of the moonOrbit: the path that one object takes around another object in spacePlanet: a large body of rock or gasesRevolution: when Earth completes one trip around the sunRotation: the Earth spinning on its axisSolar eclipse: when the moon's shadow falls on EarthSolar system: our star and the planets and other objects that orbit itStar: hot balls of glowing gases that give off energyWaning: when the moon appears to grow smallerWaxing: when the moon appears to grow larger

Space Concepts- Gr 3


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