Soybean Ahpid

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Soybean Ahpid

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The Soybean ahpid is native to Asia, but has become an invasive species to midwest soy bean farms. The Soybean Ahpid has been in the United States since 2000.

1. Bring in lady bugs 2. Plant onion and garlic plants3. Plant plants that are more appitizing to aphids:zinnias, dahlias, larkspur4. Spray the plant with dormant oil5. Homemade garlic spray

They suck the jucies out of the soybean leaves and stems. When there has been a heavy infestation, there is a "honeydew" that is left over and the plants are stunted. The leaves and stems are crinkeled and cupped, and will turn yellow.

How to control Aphids

Scientific Name~Ahpis Glycines

My Method:Buy lady bugs on and release them into the area where I have planted the soyebeans. Then let nature do the rest.

Soybean Aphid

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The soybean aphid is a consumer, they eat soybean leaves.... obviously, but they also eat other plants and flowers. Their primary predator is a lady bug which helps keep the population under control. They live near soybean plants, which tend to grow in the midwest.

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