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SOVA Assignment

Fact File of Claude MonetAEP SOVA AssignmentBy Isha Wang(30) 101

- Born 14November 1840 in Paris, France-Went to LeHarve School of Arts in 1851-Was mentored by Eugene Boudin, who taught Monet painting techniques and outdoor painting (en plein air)- Founder of Impressionism- Died on 5 December 1926 of lung cancer, age 86-Well-known for his series paintings-Produced more than 1000 paintings during his career


Impression, Sunrise1872, Claude Monet

Fact #1: Monet preferred to paint outdoors rather than indoors. (en plein air)

Fact #2:Monet's painting brushtrokes were quick and dotted

Fact #3: Monet is the founderof the Impressionismmovement.

Fact #4: Monet loved to paint landscapesand scenery

Fact #5: He was well-known for painting the site over and over, so as to depict the changes over time and day.

Fact #6:At first, his artworkwas rejected by the Salon and was not admired at all

Fact #8: Monet followed the Barbizon painting style, painting the outdoors, but using canvas and large sketches rather than small images.

Fact #7:Obtaining effects of light on the local colour of objects, and the effects of the juxtaposition of colours with each other was his goal in painting.

Fact #10:Monet painted tones and shadows with broad ranges of colours, instead of darker grounds like typical artists.

Fact #9:Monet preferred to paint figures he was familiar with, knowing what he would create.

Done By: Isha Wang (30) Class 101

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