Southern River Otter

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Southern River Otter

I live in rivers, streams, lakes,or ponds. I like grassy areas and lots of trees to give me shade. I spend most of my time in water.


I live on the coast of Chile and Argentina

Southern River Otter

Name: Courtney G. Ms.Bias- 1st hour www.national

My Sources

My nose and ears can close when I go underwater. My diet is mainly fish or other creatures in the water.I live in rivers, lakes, or ponds.My fur is short and sleek.I am 50-70 cm long.I am most active at night ,so I am considered nocturnal.

Interesting facts

level of endangerment: Endangered

Why I'm endangered

How we are saving them

My plan to save them:

I am hunted for my highly priced fur. Also, my habitat is polluted from garbage or things, like sytrofoam or plastic, that people throw away.

People are monitoring poaching and the destruction of my habitat from pollution and construction.

My plan to save them is to build a sanctuary so they wont be as endangered. I would also try to help stop water pollution so they have clean fresh water.

Lontra Provocax


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