Southern Colonies

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Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies have good soil for plantations.So the Southern Colonies have a lot cash crop growing. Some of the cash crop includes tobacco,indigo,and many others.


In 1688 -- 1763 The french and Indian Wars between France and Great Britan for the land in North America.Then is 1775-- 1783 The American Revolution it ended the Colonial America Time Period.Then in 1776 the Declaration of Independance was made for all 13 colonies.Maryland was founded 1663 by Cecilius, Georgia was founded 1750 by James Oglethorpe,Virginia was founded 1661 By Walter Ralph,Carolina was founded in 1763 by Henando de Soto.

Our religion's Anglican,Presbyterian, Baptist.Anglican is the same as christianinty they have the same beliefs.Presbyterian is a church govermant representatives assemblies of elders.Baptist are a christian group that comprimise a group of denominations.


Our Climate is warm and is good for planting,because we have good soil that is good for growing all sorts of food and cash crop our land was flat so there was not a lot of hills.

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Southern Colonie's

Land Use & Natural Resources


Colonial Facts

Our first colony was founded in 1607 Jamestown,Virginia.Our colony was famous for plantations and our harbors.We were part of the Triangular Trade.During the French and Indian War British controlled the southern colonies.


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