Southern colonies

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Southern colonies

The Southern colonies were used for iron making,weat,ship building,tobbaco,forestry,crafts and shop,mixed farming,indigo,fur trapping.


The religions in the Southern colonies are Anglican,Baptist,Presbyterican, and Quaker.


The Southern Colonies climate was warm and moist.


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Southern Colonies

Land Use & Natural Resources

Southern Facts

About 100 men and boys sailed to Virginia in 1607.They set up a settlement and called it Jamestown.They did not plant crops until Jonh Smith took charge.He made a rule that if you don't work you don't eat.The Southern colonies featured fertille soil, hilly costal plains,forestry,long rivers and swamps.The Southern Colonies also had farming, fish, and good agricultural.

In 1607: the first colony was founded at Jamestown,Virgina. In1634: Maryland was settled. King Charles the first gave the land to George Calvert,Lord Baltimor to create a haven for catholics in America. In 1688: the French and Indian wars began between France and Great Britain.In 1765: The sugar act began.In 1765: The stamp act began.In 1773: The tea act began.


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