Southeastern native americans

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Southeastern native americans


GovermentA council is a group of people selected to make decisions for the tribe. All meetings are held in the council house.There was a Red Chief and a White Chief. Red Chiefs were in charge of war and White Chief were in charge of peace.

EnviormentThey had mountains, rivers, swamps, forests, and grasses. They also had wooden poles surrounding them to protect them. Many families lived in one village. The villages are permanent. Their homes were called Chickees. The frame was made from treess, and the roof was made from palmetto leaves or grasses. Their Winter homes were built in a rectangular shape just like regular homes.

The Southeastern Native Americans believed in spirits. Like many other Native American Regions they believed the sun, stars, moon, etc. had spirits.

About Location: They lived East of the missisppi river in the southern portion of the United States.Tribes: Cherokee, Stono, Coosa, Wando, Chicora, Peedee, etc.Homes: Chickees

Southeastern Native Americans

Fun Fact!Chiefs were selected by their achievments.

Some ceremonies are...1) The Booger Ceremony2) The Green Corn Festival3) The Friendship Ceremony4) Healing Rituals5) Peyote WorshipAnd More!!!


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