Southeast The Sunbelt

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Social Studies

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Southeast The Sunbelt


Atlantic Coast StatesMaryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and GeorgiaGulf Coast StatesFlorida, Mississippi and LouisianaInland StatesWest Viriginia, Tennessee, Kentuckey and Arkansas

Southeast: The Sunbelt

Great Smoky Mountains

Walt Disney World

Strip-mining: when coal is near Earth's surface, bulldozers strip away trees and plants to reach the coal.Mainland: the continent or the part of a continent nearest an island.Governor: the head of the executive branch of the state.High-tech: industries invent, build, or use computers or other electronical equipment.

Baltimore, Maryland

1. The most-populated city in the Atlantic Coast states.2. Many people in Baltimore work in health care and education.3. Others commute to Washington, D.C., where they work for the federal government.

By: Natalia Annicelli

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