Southeast Asia 2

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Social Studies

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Southeast Asia 2

Southeast Asia 2

1. Describe the economy of Singapore. 2. Define a free market economy.3. Define a free enterprise

1. Where do you think the United States would fall on this economic spectrum? 2. Where do you think Singapore fall on the economic spectrum?

1. Which Modern day nation now occupies the Srivijaya Empire? 2. What modern- day nations occupy much of the territory of the Khner Empire?

Singapore is the fourth busiest port, behind Panama Canal, Suez Canal and Shanghai.Note : Singapore has served as one of the major hubs for cultural diffusion for Southeast Asia and the world.

Because physical processes formed the islands of Southeast Asia. Which of the following words does not does not belong to this list? 1. tsunamis2. volcanoes3. El Nino4. earthquake





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