South Trip 2013

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South Trip 2013

Our 2013 South Trip Experience G'18

My Expectations Before the Trip The trip is near! I don´t know what to expect. I really don´t know what I will see. I don´t know what I am going to do. Do I want to go ? Yes . Do I want to see where I am going to ? Yes!What destiny brings I´ll take it .You always need to think what your next achievement will be ,but now I won´t do that. I will not be expecting anything... I'll be free!

November 9th, 2013When you see somenthing different you always feel shocked and today was one of those days . I met a boy named Maximiliano Cisternas at the Baldomero Lillo Nursery School. I knew about his problems(there weren´t so many or that's what I saw). I could see the happiness of his family.They made me feel great with their simplicity.I know that being there that day was the best of thing of my life!!

November 8th,2013:Going up the sky and start flying can be scary, but you never imagine the feeling that is going under the earth. What's more, you feel like you are one of the boys or miners that once worked there. How they suffered working under really bad conditions.What I have just described is how I felt when I went down the "Chiflón del Diablo", the famous Coal Mine in Lota, Chile. Famous for its constant accidents, which are the reason why, along with its scary name, it's so difficult to enter.Your parents always say: "Think twice before you do anything". With this one, you definitely must think twice!!

November 4 th, 2013:Everything starts and ends.Today something started ,our South Trip.The nigth before the trip I couldn´t sleep and now I am excited !The trip started at 7:10 a.m. Our first stop was at Santa Cruz Vineyard . There, we saw how wine is made. Then,we went to have lunch. It was great! Next to that, we went to The Colchagua Museum. Finally, we went to the cabins.

In my South trip experience, I think I was quite good at:-Participating in activities like sports or normal classes-I always followed instructions- I was good at paying attention

What I think I didn't do right, and can improve in the future:-I didn't wake up on time-I laughed too much-I made noises at night when all my classmates were sleeping

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