South Texas Brush Country

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South Texas Brush Country

Safety First

Fast Facts - common animals found are the road runner, caracara, and indigo snake. - Some plants found are the black willow, bee bush, and the vine old mans beard, as well as lovegrass.-This region is sometimes called south Texas plains

South Texas Brush Country

The caracara

South Texas Brush Country is very flat and dry, with most of it's soil supporting bushes and shrubs. But there are also many rivers in the area running through it giving it many canyons and valleys, despite it's low rainfall.

old man's beard (the vine)

The indigo snake.

When you’re at South Texas Brush Country you need to be safe, like everywhere else in the world, you have to be safe. Make sure you have a plan for natural disasters like wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes. They probably won’t happen while you’re there, but better safe than sorry!

This scenery is an example of the effects of erosion and weathering here.

South Texas Brush Country has an average rainfall of 16-30 inches a year. It also has an average tempature of 73 degrees ferinheit.

This map of Texas shows the region sometimes called South Texas Plains.


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