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South Korea


Korean style writing or "Hangul"

LocationAbsolute - Seoul is South Korea's capitol with its absolute location being 37* North and 127* East Relative - One of Korea's main attractions is Namsan Tower which is next to the Han River

PlaceH/P- Korea's main religion is Buddhism with Protestantism being 2nd and Christianity being 3rd. Standing with a current population of 9,888,000.Nature - Korea's Han River 319 mi long. Being the 4th longest river in Korea.

Traditonal Korean Hanbok or traditional dress

InteractionModify - Most Koreans don't own houses, but rather live in apartmaents. People also eat diffrent things there such as lung and feet.Adapt - Korea has one of the fastest internet survers in the world. As well as one of the leading sources of fashion.

Movement People - Most people in Korea don't own cars and take the subway or bus.They will also occasionally walk.Ideas - Korea has one of the best global centers of wifi.Goods - While many people from North Korea try and run to South Korea or China most are caught and put in consentration camps in the 38th parallel. As well as there ENTIRE exstented family.

South Koreaby:Maggie McMullenThe other side of the Koreas

RegionsHuman - After the Korean War Korea split into two diffrent country (North Korea and South Korea). No peace treaty was ever signed between the 2 now countrysNature - South Korea's highest mountian range is Halla-San in Jeju. It has an elevation of 1,950 mi.


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