South Island of New Zealand -Emma

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South Island of New Zealand -Emma

South Island of New Zealand EQ

Imagine you are living on South Island of New Zealand, it is Friday, September 3, 2010 at 4:35 pm. You are on the 6th floor of a hotel in Christchurch. Suddenly you hear and feel a bang, then the building starts to slowly rock, building up to a violent shake. You think your hotel is going to fall. This goes on for about a minute, and continues afterward for several more. As you are looking out the window, you see buildings falling down all around you. Once you are evacuated , you look down the street, and you see your whole street ruined. You just experienced an earthquake.

Damages- Police said there had been widespread damage to buildings and roads as well as power cuts.

Fatalities/ Injuries- No deaths but some people were treated at local hospitals for minor injuries. Only two serious injuries – one man who was hit by falling debris and another who was seriously cut by glass.

Magnitude- 7.0

Boundary Acting- transform-strike slip faults

Latitude- 44°SLongitude-172°E

Aftershock-series of smaller sharp 5.7 aftershocks struck 5 miles from original quake that rocked the area. Many buildings were shut down because the aftershocks woud cause them to collapse

Rebuilding- after 2/3 of the 160,000 houses were destroyed, Christchurch had to do some damage control! The city said they would cover 90% of the sewage, water, and road networks. The night of the EQ about 200 people slept in shelters, while first responders hurridly rebuilt homes.

When? Where? This EQ took place at 4:34 am on September 3, 2010. With it's epicenter at Christchurch, South Island of New Zealand

Plates-Australia/Pacific boundaries

By: Emma Blake



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