South Carolina

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Social Studies

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South Carolina

That is the carolina flag

They named it south carolina becuase there was a princes a long time ago and they named her carolina so they named soth carolina,carolina by the princes cool right.If you had a diffeent name what will it be .

The founder of south carolina is a man named King Charles the 2nd.


south carolina

They found it becuase the found Georgia and they found this land.They dicided to take it and make a new land named South Carolina, you are probably like West Carolina it was a big land before and they brok it up in two parts.

Why did they find south carolina

That is King Charles the 2nd. He was the man who found South Carolina. Maybe one day you will discover something just like he did.He found south carolina in 1663 that was a long time ago.

more into the years swamps start to grow in so the that will efect its crops.And tha bad storms by the beach


Hope you liked it.One day you should go to south carolina

By,Rolando soto and Elian silva

This is a pictuer of the carolina town


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