South Carolina

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South Carolina

~Geography & Climate~South Carolina had a mild, climate, with warm winters. There also was lots of level [flat] land, and good growing soil. Along with this, there were several rivers, and there were minimal mountains except in a western area called Piedmont, which was a hilly reigon.

~Economy/Jobs~Since South Carolina was mostly flat, with good growing soil, this led to there being lots of farmers and plantations. But who helped run these plantations? Slaves. Due to this, there were several open slots for the job of a Slave Trader, until the cease of the Civil War, when slavery was outlawed.

~History~South and North Carolina were origionally just 'Carolina'. The colony had been granted to eight propritetors, from King Charles the II. But, in 1729, the one big Carolina was split into two, because the proprietors thought this would make the colonial government more effective.

~Government~Colonial South Carolina was a royal colony. This meant that the king of England chose the governer, and voters picked the lower legislature. Sadly, only wealthy white males could participate in the government, excluding slaves, women, and the impoverished.

South CarolinaGlog by: Faye Larochelle

A map of South Carolina

The flat land was perfect for plantations and farms.

King Charles the II, who granted the land of the Carolinas

Royal colony voting process

Southern Colonies video

Slave traders often sold slaves at auctions

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King / Governor Voters Upper House Lower House


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