[2015] Nour El haidari: South Carolina

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[2015] Nour El haidari: South Carolina

CAPITAL:ReleighRegoin:Southeastmiles far from NY:641 milesnickname:Palegmetto stateHihest point:3560 feetLowest point:3650 feet, below sea level.Time zone:Eastrentime, the same time zone as new york state.Climat/weather:Mild or warm winter not summer,wet.

With miles off seashore, sprawling resort and offshore fun, south carolina is the perfect destination for beach lovers.

south carolina by: Nour El haidari


the preisdent

The state is will known for the first batlle of the civil war took place at for sumter.South carolina is the nations leading peach producer

What is the sate will known for

How is the land use?

The state south Carolina is use for farming and planting.

Plantation were a staple of the econmy, culture and lifestyle ofthe pre-civil war south. Experience both natural beauty and history when you visit these 5 plantation destinations in charlestion

the state song

The national rhyem


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