South Africa's Colonial Rule

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South Africa's Colonial Rule

South Africa's Colonial Rule

1.) Q: Who was the controlling nation and what was the major resourceexported? A: The tribe that were controlling South Africa’s nation were the British. The resource that was exported was gold and diamonds.

2.) Q: Explain the motivation from imperialism in the region.A: The motivation for imperialism in South Africa was the way the British had approached the Africans about the gold and diamond minds. They made it seem as if they were going to help Africans discover the resource that they were hoping to discover and that could help there colonies expand. 3.) Q: Explanation of how the imperial power gained control and the extent of the control.A: When the British had joined the discovery which was in the nineteenth century they had done what the Dutch had done which was called “Cape of Good Hope”. When the gold and diamond minds were discovered the British made the Africans work for what they were hoping to discover.

4.) Q: What was the effect from imperialism on the native population?A: The effects of imperialism on the native population were that there was no freedom the slaves had to fight for their freedom.5.) Q: How did the native population respond to imperial rule?A: The natives responded to the imperial rule; they were pleased that they had another nation combine with theirs to find the resources they were looking for. What they were to blind to see was that that was not the British intentions, because of the kindness and such hospitality in a way.



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