South African Colonization

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South African Colonization

The colonization of South Africa by the National Party

Time Line

July 1st 1914

National Party of the Orange Free state is born.

The victory of the election in 1924 meant that South Africa had a new government in which Hertzog (founder of NP!) was prime Minister.

The NP and SAP slowly grew quite similar, and they accordingly merged together in 1933 to form a coalition government. They were named the UP (United Party).

Apartheid ultimately led to protestings, unease, violence, and chaos. In fact, even after its abandonement between 1990-1992, economic devastation and tension was still left in its wake.

The NP (National Party) Helped to impliment apartheid after the 1948 election. Black natives had long since been protesting against unfair treatment, however... In fact, the African National Congress was founded back in 1912

Black natives were unable to travel freely, vote or even live in chosen areas, and instead lived in specific camps/areas.

The NP's founder was General JNM Hertzog, a member of the Union Government. Him and his supporters met regularly in Bloemfontein to form the National Party.


Election Victory


NP and SAP merge to form a coalition government.

After 1948 election


Party included white supremacy, and introduced apartheid.

A peaceful protest is met with blunt force as police open fire, killing over 70 people.

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