South Africa

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South Africa

south Africa!!

South Afica is located at the very southern tip of Africa.The capitol of South Africa is Pretoria with a population of51,000,00.South Africa has 11 different languages such as Afrikaans,English and Southern Ndebele. South Africa's presdient is Jacob Zuma.

5 Facts about South Africa!1~South Africa is the 2nd largest producer of fruit.2~South Africa has the largest wine route.3~South Africa has the cheapest electrcity in the world.4~South Africa is the only country to abandon nuclear weapons.5~South Africa has the highest comercial bungi jump.[710ft]

The oldest pieces of art were found in South Africa.Cave drawings could share different storys and many adventures such as hunting or feasting.Masks were made to scare away deadly animals and for tribal ceremonies.Today folk art and pop art are poplular such as weaving and splatter painting.There are many forms of traditional dancing and singing performed by many of the native tribal groups in South Africa.

The first people to colonize South Africa were the Dutch in 1792.The British took over South Africa after theBattle of Blaauwberg.South Africa has been in 13 different wars including the second world war and the cold war.


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