Sources of Energy

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Sources of Energy


-Energy is the ability to do work.-Stored energy is the form of energy that is stored and can be released by a conversion process.-Working energy is the form of energy that is involved when work is being done.

Sources of Energy:-The Sun-Geothermal Sources-Radioactive Substances-Biomass Fuels-Fossil Fuels-Wave-Wind-Water

Forms of EnergyStored energy:-Potential Energy-Chemical Energy-Nuclear EnergyWorking energy:-Heat Energy-Kinetic Energy-Light Energy-Sound Energy-Electrical Energy

Non-renewable Energy Sources-Energy sources that will be used up sooner or later-They are limited and take a very long time to be replaced by nature-Their amounts are limitedCharacteristics of non-renewable energy sources:-Can be used to produce large amounts of energy-Can be used to produce other consumer products such as plasticsExamples:-Fossil Fuels-Radioactive Substances

How do we use energy efficienty:-Avoid wasting energy by switching off power when not in use.-Use alternatives energy sources such as solar energy and biofuels.-Use energy-efficient equipment,such as energy saving bulbs and refrigerators.-Use public transport or carpool instead driving individual cars.Important to conserve energy sources:-To control air pollution-To help us save money-To reduce emission of greenhouse gases-To prevent energy crises-To prolong the life of non-renewable energy sources so that they last longer-To ensure enough energy sources are available for the future generations

Renewable Energy Sources-Energy sources that can be used over and over again without running out -They are replenished all the time-Their amounts are unlimitedCharateristics of renewable energy sources:-Cannot be depleted by use-Can be easily obtained-Most are called clean energy because they do not pollute the environment-Can be used to replace energy sources which are diminishingExamples:-The Sun -Water-Wind-Geothermal


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