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Source Documents

Chapter 3 Source Document Assignment

Directions: 1) Find examples of various source documents listed below2) Properly identify each document3) Indicate what accounts would be affected on the source documents

Source Documents: (must include at least 6 different examples) Here are some ideas.sales slip purchase invoicereceipt telephone billUPC credit memoutility bill cash register tapedebit memo petty cash voucher

Banking Documents: (must include at least 3 different examples) Here are some ideas.withdrawal slip ATM receiptDeposit slip Signature cardcheck and stub voucher check

Newspaper/Magazine/News (must include a link to a article on one of the following topicsOne article on a banking-related topic. Provide a summary of the article.One article on any other business-related topic. Provide a summary of the article and explain how it relates to accounting concepts and principles.

Sales Slip

Cash - creditAccts. Pay. S.G. Coveggo & Sons - debit

Bank Signature Card

Home loan refinancing fell again to it's lowest level since August. Mortage departments have dropped interest rates to boost the market. The bad labor market makes it hard for people to purchase a house with high closing costs and other added expenses.


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