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Pearl Soundtrack

Song of FamilyI chose the Family Matters song b Jess Fredrick. This song relates to the togetherness of a family no matter what the circumstances are in the family.

Choice 2This song is called Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park.I chose this song for Kino because in the lyrics it saysI don't know what's worth fighting for.Kino finds a pearl and he gets caught into the pearl for how much it is worth. When he goes to the castle he gets cheated on for the pearl. Kino did not really look after his family because he was so caught up looking for big pearls. Kino was also the head of the family where he mostly made all of the decisions for the family.

Choice1This song is called Titanic by Celine Dion. I chose this song because in the Pearl Coyotito (baby) dies from a gun shot in the back of his head. This is a sad moment for Kino and Juana.

Social Commentary I chose the song One Tribe by The Black Eyed Peas. I chose this song because this song tells you that everyone is equal in every way. Some of the lyrics are:One Tribe, One Time, One Planet, One Race.We are one PeopleOne Love, One Blood, One People, One Heart, One Beat, We are equal....This all means that no matter what Ethnic someone is from everyone is equal.

Closing SceneThis song is called Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park.I chose this song for the end because it says to forget the wrong that I've done. In the Pearl Kino has caused his family a lot of problems because of the pearl. So i think that this song relates to how Kino knows his mistakes he made. He mostly focused on the pearl and not his family.

Opening SceneThe title of this video is called Relaxing Beach sound. I chose this for the beginning because in the Pearl Kino wakes up to the morning waves. Kino and his family live near the beach.

Song of EvilThe song Frozen is by Modonna. I chose this song for evil because in the video the black crows are flying towards Modonna. Modonna also turns into different evil animals. The theme of this song is all black and evil.

Song of the PearlThe song Spirits In The Material World by The Police shows the good and bad things in the world. In the book the pearl that Kino goes out to kind brings some good and some bad fortune that happens to Kino and his family.



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