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My Birth- " "Jessica" by The Allman Brothers Band

Soundtrack of My Life

Senior Year of High School- "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler

First Job After College- "Walkin' On Sunshine" by Katrina & the Waves

September 11, 2001- "Where Where You..." by Alan Jackson

Becoming an Aunt- "You Are My Sunshine" by Carly Simon

My Wedding Day- "When You Say Nothing at All" by Alison Krauss

My parents were fairly young when I was born, I was a month premature, and I was their first child, so that was a lot for everyone to deal with! To have to pick a name on top of everything, when they were not quite ready yet, was a bit of a stress. My parents were both very into music and a few months before had been to a concert to watch one of their favorite bands play. In the hospital, my father suggested naming me after one of their songs. Being that my mother disliked his first suggestion, Melissa, she decided to agree to the second, Jessica. The song itself does not have any words, but was written by the band to honor the song writer's young daughter. Released in 1973, it was fairly popular across many genres of music, but finally won recognition in 1996 at the Grammy Awards for 'Best Rock Instrumental Performance'. Some interesting facts? It is originally 7:30 minutes long and was written as an instrumental tribute to Django Reinhardt, as it only uses two fingers in the guitar part. Reinhardt was a famous jazz guitarist who could only use two fingers in his playing as a result of a childhood injury.

Senior year of my high school career was a very difficult time, because three weeks before the first day of school, a very good friend of mine died in a tragic car accident. She was an amazing person who had a loving family and bright future in front of her, all cut off in an instant when her car lost control on a turn in bad weather. It was a shock to our whole student body, followed a few months later by the death of a beloved teacher due to complications from cancer. At our graduation in June, our class made a decision to sing this song in memory of these two souls, as well as to honor all those people who had touched our lives along the road so far. It was a very emotional experience and will forever stand out it my memory. The original song was written in 1982 and was recorded by a variety of artists with varying success. The most well-known rendition was done by Bette Midler for the movie 'Beaches', where she sings it to a friend with a terminal disease. The song became very popular at that point, becoming a US number one single. It was named both Record of the Year and Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards of 1990.

As happy and excited I was to begin my first year of teaching, nothing could have prepared me for the events of my second week. I will always remember where I was when I heard that a plane had hit the first tower and, in fact, we had already tuned into the news when the second plane crashed. Personally, I was in turmoil, knowing that friends and loved ones were in the air and in the city at the time. As a teacher, I knew I had a responsibility to my students and coworkers to help keep things calm. As students began to get picked up by panicked parents throughout the morning, I decided to toss my planned activities and focus on the confusion of information and emotions that were coming through the class. It was a difficult time and, as the days passed, it only got easier very slowly. I know that this experience has made a permanent mark on me and my memory. This song was written by Alan Jackson and I first heard it when he performed live just a few weeks after the 9/11 tragedy at the Country Music Awards. He did not originally intend on singing it there, but was convinced to do it to honor those who had lost their lives and the heros that had emerged out of the rubble. It was very emotional performance for everyone, including the singer and he recieved an instant standing ovation at its completion. The song itself is about how people will remember exactly where they were that morning and how each person handled the fallout in their own way. He uses the phrase 'when the world stopped turning' to show how devastating it all was. One of the most personally significant lines of the song is 'teaching a class full of innocent children', since that is exactly what I was doing!

Graduating from college in the spring of 2001, I went through many job interviews trying to find a school to begin my teaching career. However, each ended in disappointment either because I was not right for them or the position was not something that would work for me. At the end of August, I went away on vacation with my family after making the decision that I would accept a less than desirable position in order to start making some money. While I was away, though, I received a call on my cell phone from JTMS, asking me to come in for an interview. I rushed home, super excited, and within 48 hours, I was hired! For the next week, I did feel like I was 'walking on sunshine'! The song is about a woman finding the love of her life and the excitement she feels over it, but it fits because her world is symbolically brighter and better. She is walking around in a great mood, saying “I feel alive”. It was first written in 1983 and has been covered by many groups. It has become an anthem for many movie scores when the characters are shown as carefree and happy. The song's popularity has kept it alive and it will be celebrating its 25h anniversary this year!!

One afternoon, my sister asked to meet with our family and sitting in the living room of our childhood home, she shared that she was pregnant. At only twenty-two, we knew it was a shock to her as well as us- she had always dreamed of going into New York, working for some big company, and leadiing a 'glamorous life'. Only months out of college, she was already well on her way. However, she was firm in her decision that this baby was more important than all that and she calmly laid out her plans. The next few months were a whirlwind of activity, as we were expecting the first nephew, the first grandchild, and the first greatgrandchild on both sides of the family. The morning of January 31st when my beautiful nephew and godson was laid in my arms, the only thing I could think about was all of the love this little one would be given. My sister asked me if I remembered any of the songs of our childhood- she always had a hard time remembering lyrics! I thought a moment, then began to sing this song. After only a moment, she joined in along with my brother-in-law and we welcomed Ryder Alexander into the world with a serenade from the heart. The song itself has been around since 1939 and has been recorded by hundreds of artists. From car commercials to movie and televsion themes, this melody has stretched across all genres and time periods. It has even been recognized as one of the state songs of Louisiana!

It is not unusual for someone, especially a young girl, to look forward to her wedding day. For me though, it has always been about the love and joy between the groom and myself, instead of the cake, dress, and such. It would be the most amazing thing to be able to celebrate an occasion like that with someone you know you wnat to spend the rest of your life with. This song is all about having a love so strong that the actual words expressing it are not really necessary. A touch, a glance, a smile is all that is needed to express how much the two people care about each other. I believe it would be an amazing song to have playing during our first dance as a couple. It would reaffirm the vows that we recited at the ceremony and also provide just a moment out of time for the two of us to celebrate ourselves before we open it up to all of out family and friends.


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