Sound waves

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Sound waves

Auditory Canal


Auditory nerve

Vestibular system


Equations!Frequency x wavelength = VelocityF = 1/PeriodPeriod = 1/FrequencyWhen Frequency goes up, Wavelength goes downWhen Frequency goes down, Wavelength goes up.

Noise levelse louder than a shouting match can damage parts of the inner ear called Hair Cells. When waves hit them, they convert those vibrations into electrical currants that our auditory nerves cary to the brain.

Tennitus is caused by hearing exeptionally loud noises. The sterocillia get damaged and keep sending sound info to the auditory nerve mistakenly. Hair cells can get permanantly pushed down, or broken off, by loud noises: This is what causes hearing loss

Sound Levels!Faint- Leaves Rustling: 20-30 dBSoft- Whisper: 30-50 dBModerate- Dishwasher: 50-70 dBLoud- Vaccum: 70-90 dBVery Loud- Car horn: 90-120 dBUncomfortable- Jet Plane: 120-130 dBPainful- Ambulance: 130+ dB

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You can prevent ear problems by keeping the sound, around you, to a low level, and when around loud noise levels, wear ear protection. LEAVE EAR WAX ALONE! IT HELPS YOU! Avoid swimming in dirty water and use earplugs when you swim!

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