Sound Waves

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Sound Waves

Essential Question:What happens when you hit the tuning fork in/on different mediums?

NGSS Standard - PS4.A: Wave PropertiesThis lab was an introduction of how different mediums affect sound waves.

Lab Overview: We followed the scientific method to solve our "essential question". The students recorded their observations after each medium was tested. We reviewed background information about molecules. Then they analyzed their data to come up with a conclusion.

4th Grade

Assessment At the end of the lab I asked the students to answer the question: "If a boat was driving in a lake nearby and you put your head under water, then took it out of the water, would the engine sound louder under water or above water? Why?"

How did we use technology?As the students were working I took pictures. At the end of the lab we looked at the pictures and discussed how a group could (and did) get different results. (Variables)

Some students got the question - "The engine sound is louder under water because the sound goes faster under water the molecules take the sound and pass the sound on so it goes fast."Some did not - "If a boat was driving on water the engine would be louder on top of land because the engine isn't under water."

What did they learn?


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