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Sound Project


In a wave you have crests (which are the highest points on a wave) and troughs (the lowest poinst on a wave). The distance between the waves or troughs is called the wave lengths of a wave.

Pitch-An indication of how high or low a sound is, which is primarily determined by the frequency of the sound wave

There are two different types of waves, transverse waves and longitudinal waves. A transverse wave is a wave with a direction of propagation that is perpendicular to the direction of oscillation. A longitudinal wave is a wave with a direction of propagation that is parallel to the direction of oscillation.

Loudness is the characteristic of a sound that is primarily a psychological similarity of physical strength (amplitude). More formally, it is defined as "that attribute of auditory sensation in terms of which sounds can be ordered on a scale extending from quiet to loud".

The speed of sound is found by the equation v=(331.9+.6 x T)m/sec. It differs from different materials.

The Doppler Effect is the fact that the pitch of the sound that we hear is related to the frequency of the sound wave. Example: If a car is coming towards you and then passes you, you will hear a change in frequency. This happens because as it was coming towards you the waves have a shorter wavelength which increased its frequency. Once it passed you the waves got bunched up in front of the car and the waves stretched out, increasing its wavelength which decreased their frequency.

We measure sound with hertz and decibles. Decibles meters measures things that make noise. Hertz is the unit of frequency.

A wave's frequency indicates how many waves hit a certain point each second.

When sound waves hit your inner ear, they make the tympanic membrane to oscillate or vibrate. Ossicles transfer thes ocillations to cochlea which interprets them into electrical signals that are transfered to the brain and converted into sound.

Sound waves are used for alot of things. For example watching TV or cooking. Sound waves can be transfered into energy which can be very useful or deadly.

The string intruments make a vibration among the strings. The wood-wind intrumnets make sound by vibration among the air or reeds in the instrument. The percussion intruments make striking, shaking, or scraping sounds.

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