Soulard Market

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Soulard Market

Soulard Market

One of the oldest and largest operating farmer's market in the country, Soulard's is a piece of local history that continues to stand today. In the late 1780's Gabriel Cerre developed the land to be a fruit orchard south of St. Louis at the time. He deeded the land to his daughter Julia and her husband Antonio Soulard. They in turn deeded plots to their children. In 1838, Julia deeded the city a site of land for a farmer's market, which woud later become Soulard's Market. The first market building was built in 1843. Sadly in 1896 the building was partly distroyed by a tornado smashing the two story section of the building. It was repaired, but a new section of the building wasn't added until 1929.

The market today has two flanking market stalls with a two story central building. The second floor is an auditorium and a stage. The Soulard neighboorhood has changed from Frenchtown to Germantown to the most ethnic enclave in the city. The neighboorhood reuses buildings before building new. Churches have become gyms, restuarants, and theatre; a former police station became an art museum and many more buildings have changed.

"If you can't find it at Soulard it's probably not edible. The market has changed very little over the years, adding exotic fruits and vegetables as customers ask for them. It is the last public market in the city of St Louis, it is open year round."

Has the market had an impact on the city of St. Louis?

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