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Soul Sister Awards

'Soul Sister'

Out of my reflections of who I am and from my encounter the one day at a Career development programme held for Black and Minority Ethnic professionals by the National Black Professionals association and the Black Leadership Initiative, where I met a fellow sister, who clearly had not developed her self-esteem and identity, was not even in a place yet to be considering moving up her career ladder and yet believed this was the only way she would feel 'recognised', as a Black woman...

As a working mum and step mum, a wife, a sister, a godmother, an aunty, a step grandmother, an assistant head teacher, a mentor, a role model, an artist, a singer, a hairdresser, a multilingual speaker, a typist, netballer, Christian woman, I feel that I would like to replicate the 'In Celebration of My sister' aspect and the 'Black Girl Rocks' phenomenon with my own version, here in the UK for the continuous elevation of my sisters and the acknowledgment of our identities.

Out of all of this, I give birth to 'Soul Sister', to celebrate the life and achievements of my sisters, NOW, friends and family whilst we are still alive and able to do so.Miriam MandersonGone but not forgotten...MotherGrandmaAga...

Out of the feelings I have every year on March the 9th, when I just want to be ALONE, why? because I want to dedicate this day solely and purely to the one who gave birth to me, who brought me into this world after 9 months of confinement, whilst in the UK in order to 'better herself' and to provide the exceptional lifestyle she was striving to provide for us, my brother, my sister and me, to my honourable mother , who I lost this day in 1979 to cancer... ... Making it always one of the most difficult months for me when others have celebrated 'Mothers day', even on the day when my own called me 'Mother', and in recognition that we, yes us all of us women stand of the shoulders of other fabulous women who have gone before us and endured, in some circumstances much more than we ever will...

Who do you want to celebrate?

Anarcha was one of the women Sims experimented upon. A detailed history of this monster is in Harriet Washington's book, Medical Apartheid.Sims believed that Africans were numb to pain and operated on the women without anesthesia or antiseptic. The procedures usually happened this way. Black female slaves who were guinea pigs would hold one subject down as Sims performed hysterectomies, tubal ligation, and other procedures to examine various female disorders.

Check this out:

" And the nominations are..."Think of some good titles for each category if not happy with these ones.Overcoming adversity and challenge - Anyone who has overcome a difficulty and has an inspiring storyEducational role model/ excellence - high achievements in academiaEntrepreneurship - business accumen, skills for fundraising and committment to communityThe inspirational youth award - for young women who already show the potential to achieve greatnessThe 'Esther' award - an award to honour the legacy of those who have survived serious illnesses or the children of thoseSilent spirits/ Unsung heroes - low profile individuals who work hard in the background but have made an astonishing impact on an or some individuals which continues in spite of them knowing

Women to be celebrated. List to be added to by Enjoy crew and whoever puts forward nominations. Nomination forms to be created with categories and criterion. Idea for rewards:Certificate stating the acknowledgement but also a token which could be...?Julie, my sister - overcoming the challenges of an abusive relationship, striving to provide a stable home and secure future whilst being a single mother with a child who also has a disability- I celebrate youMother Dora - continues to be the 'good woman' behind every good man, worked for so many years, enduring the challenges of being one of the crucial public workers who comes from the first generation of African women her in the UK , battled through her own ills and difficulties, including a most stubborn husband! and has finally decided to retire and reap the benefits of her hard work - I celebrate youMichele - Doctor McDowell - PhD... Doctorate completed in an issue prevalent amongst our society which we continue to find the resolutions to - I celebrate youMaydine - elevated herself in a field predominated by the male species, continues to inspire others with her energy, vibe, inspiration and outward-looking persona and thinking, her proactivity and generosity and integrity whilst managing to keep her humility, and allowing others to see her vulnerability whilst caring for an sickly mother - I celebrate youPat - overcoming adversity and still smiling, does not think twice about speaking her mind, full of self-esteem and in the face of adversity has a smiling face, displays an incredible inner strength whilst caring for two illness-inflicted children, wanted and loved so desperately, husband, mother and elder daughterJanet Apple Manderson ('mum') - a fervent Christian who is forever reframing and using the powerful word of God in all situations - I celebrate you


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