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Sophocles was born in the late fall of 497 BCE. Sophocles was a great ancient philosopher. He wrote marvelous plays that still inspire plays today. Sophocles lived a crazy roller coaster of events. He was married twice, and had two sons, Iophon and Agothon. Sophocles was also a greatly known politician, priest and military leader. After being elected treasurer in 447 BCE, Sophocles was elected a general in the obliteration of the rebellion of Samos. In this role as general he served under Pericles in the year 413. Later then he was elected as one of the generals in the fight against Sryacuse. "He gained much respect from the Athenian people" (Haigh pg. 136) because of that respect he was placed on commission for the state of emergency of military failure in Syracuse. Sophocles died shortly after and before the end of the Peloponnesian War.

Public Life/CareerBy:Robert Cascella

In his community, Sophocles was known by many more titles than simply “playwright.” Sophocles was involved in many areas of Athens, including government, religion, and public affairs. At the age of sixteen, due to his physical beauty and musical talent, Sophocles was chosen to lead the chorus in the hymn to the gods, or paean, that celebrated Athens’ triumph at the Battle of Salamis. As an adult, Sophocles served as one of the treasurers of the Delian League, which consisted of Athens and her allies during the Peloponnesian War. This was a very important duty, considering the amount of funds that he helped preside over. In 440 BC, Sophocles was named a strategos, one of ten prestigious military commanders. Additionally, in 413 BC, Sophocles was chosen as one of ten proboulos, who were leaders in the efforts to rebuild and reestablish Athens’ financial and domestic status after the city-state was weakened because of the war. Sophocles conducted the funeral chorus of Euripides, another successful Greek playwright. Finally, Sophocles was also a very religious man; he was the priest of Asclepius, the god of health, and he even held worship services in his own home. To sum up his reputation, "Sophocles, in his full maturity stood, like the mighty ruler of the Greeks" (Bates 108).

Playwriting CareerBy: Kristin Crabb

Sophocles’ play-writing career started in 468 B.C when he was twenty-eight years old. It is believed that Sophocles has written about 123 tragedies. It is also believed that he has competed his tragic plays in competitions about thirty times. Sophocles’ first victory in a competition was in 468 B.C at the Dionysian dramatic festival in which he also defeated the famous Aeschylus. This was just the start to his career, " After his victory in 468 the career of Sophocles as a tragic poet was one of continuous success" (Haigh 135). Sophocles had twenty-four victories within his career as a playwright and never placed lower than 2nd in any competition. However, a tough loss for Sophocles was when his play of Oedipus Tyrannus was defeated by the famous Philocles. Today, only seven of his tragic plays exist in their whole form; some other plays have just a few lines or are completely gone. Overall, Sophocles had a very successful and meaningful career as a playwright.

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General InfoBy Libbie Kosier

Great Sophocles Overview!!!

Sophocles wrote over 100 plays, most of them consisting of tragedies and most of them have been preserved and are being stored at this very moment. Sophocles was a very dramatic writer, he used drama as his angle in every one of his plays. His plays were always applauded for their “...smoothness of the plot, the nobility of the characters and the charm of the lyrics” (Haigh 137). His plays inspired the use of the third actor which in turn, diminished the use of the chorus and widened the opportunities for more interactions between the characters. Sophocles' plays have greatly influenced our society today, as shown in modern day recreations of his works and the naming of many medical disorders.

Sophocles' Plays and their InfluenceBy: Faith Green

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