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Sophocles was born in 495 BC in Attica, Greece. When he was young, he had a good education and said to be mentored by another great writer, Aeschylus. He was married twice and had two sons, Iophon and Agathon. Sophocles did not just prosper in literature and theatre-- He also was a musician, politican, priest, and a military leader. In 413, he served as a general under Pericles to defeat Syracuse. Sophocles won his first competition at the theater of Dionysus against the great Aeschylus. After his first win, 120 plays followed and later took eighteen first place wins and not one second place title. Sophocles died at age 90, shortly after the production Oedipus at Colonus in 405.


*Wrote, 'Oedipus The King,' and, 'Antigone.'*One of the most awarded writers in dramatic competitions of Ancient Athens.*Sophocles first won a prize for tragic drama in 468, defeating the veteran Aeschylus. *He wrote over 100 plays the Athenian theater, and said to have come first in over twenty-four contests..


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*496 BC- Born in Attica*468 BC- Won his first prize in Dionysia*442 BC- became one of the treasurers in Athens*441 BC- Served as general in the Aathenian campaign against Samos*420 BC- Set up the altar for Asclepius at his house*413 BC- Was one of the commisioners who reacted to the destruction of the Athenian expeditionary force in Sicily during the peloponnesian war*405 BC- Died during the cold winter at the age of 90


The Personal Life of Sophocles:Sophocles was first married to Nicostrata,with whom he had a son,Lophon. In his second marriage to Sicyan, he had a son named Ariston. Many people alsobelieved that he had three more sons. However,there is no evidence to support this otherwise blasphemous claim.

The Legacy of Sophocles:Sophocles continued to write and serve for his government well into his 80's. He died in 406 BC and yet despite leaving us only a sample of seven complete plays, the Attitican native still left a legacy powerful enough to shape him into one of the founding father's of Western drama.

Sophocles' Works:Over his lifetime, Sophocles wrote about 120 plays, but only seven complete works still stand today. Sophocles' specialized in tragedy. Some of his famous surviving works are Antigone and Oedipus Rex. Majority of his literature tell epic stories of a hero and their tragic quests. In "Oedipus the King," Sophocles says; "Why should a mortal man, the sport of chance, with no assured knowledge, be afraid?" Sophocles' plays usually had a moral and wise lesson to teach along with an entertaining act with tragic ending that would leave many audiences in tears.



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