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Sophocles was born in 496 B.C. in Colonus Hippius. His father was a wealthy merchant. Sophocles received a very good aristocratic education. He was one of the greatest playwrites of the Golden age. At age 16, in his first competion, Sophocloes beat Aeshcylus. Sophocles was the first poet to add a third actor. He also got rid of the Trilogic Form and began to use just one tragedy per play instead of writing about three. Sophocles died in 406 B.C. at age 90.


496 B.C.- Sophocles was born480 B.C.- Sophocles was chosen to lead a choir of boys at a celebration of the victory of Salamis.468 B.C.- He completed his studies and competed in his first competition.490 B.C.- Sophocles passes away.

Sophocles wrote over 100 plays called tragedies. Tragedies are plays that told stories of human suffering that usually ended in disaster. He first defeated Aeschylus in his first competition. He was the first play writer to add a third actor. He ended the trilogic form which was what Aeschylus used, in which he used three tragedies to tell one story, but Sophocles only used one tragedy.

Lasting Impact

By using one tragedy per play, Sophocles shortened his play and condensed all of the action into a shorter amount of time. The plays became more actionpacked and exciting. Sophocles added a third actor to plays. The significance of Greek tragedies' dramatic themes were changed from religion and morality to the plights, decisions, and the fates of the characters became the main dramatic focus.


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"Without labor, nothing prospers."

"A short saying often contains much wisdom."

Significant quote because of Sophocles' short, but extremely dramatic and captivating plays.


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