Sophie Germain

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Sophie Germain

(1776-1831) Sophie Germain was a french mathematican born in Paris, France.

Sophie Germain

Sophie spent alot of time in her house during the American Revolution. She would read her father's books and soon became very interested in mathematics after reading a book about the death about a Greek mathematician called, Archimedes. It was his death that Sophie suddenly became interested in.

Sophie's family forbid her from studying mathematics. They thought that only men were able to obtain knowledge and was dangerous for girls to. She was determined to study and would crawl out of bed every night and continue to study after everyone was asleep. Soon after her parents found out they took away her lamps, hid her clothes from her, and made sure that there was no heat in her room.

When her parents found her one morning, asleep on the floor naked covered with a quilt and huddled over a candle stub and a notebook, they decided to let her to continue to study.

Her contributions applied in mathematics led to engineering advances that helped build the Eiffel Tower.


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