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Sophie Germain

Sophie Germain

Marie-Sophie Germainborn in Paris on April 1, 1776born into a wealthy family, middle of three daughters, dependent on her father, never married devoted her life to the study of mathematics and sciencedied of cancer in 1831

1794: Ecole Polytechnique was founded. A technical academy established to train mathematicians and scientists. She was denied entrance to the academy because she was a female.She got lecture notes from a friend, and sumbitted papers to Lagrange using the name Monsier LeBlanc. 1804: Sophie wrote a letter to German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss after he published "Disquisitiones Arithmeticae" using the name Monsier LeBlanc.1816: Sophie won the grand prize from the French Academy for her research paper on the law of vibrating elastic surfaces.




Sophie Germain proved to the world that even a woman can accomplish something in the most rigorous and abstract of sciences and for that reason would well have deserved an honorary degree. ~Carl Gauss


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