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divisor quotient

STEPS TO DIVIDE: (example used: 105-5= ) 1) First, see if 5 fits into 1. It doesn't, so "tie" the 1 and 0 together. Ltke this: - 2) 5 fits into 10 two times,so you put a 2 on the line above the 0 in 105. That number will be part of your quotient. 3) Next you do 2x5 which is 10 and you put 10 under the 1 and 0 in 105. Then you subtract 10 from 10 which is 0. Then you bring down the 5 in 105 and put it next to the 0. Here's an example for what I just explained: 4) Finally you see how many times 5 fits into 5 (1) and you write it on the line by the 2. Next you do 1x5 (5) and then you put 5 by the 05 (which was the answer when you did 10-10+a zero at the end) and you subtract 5-5 which is 0, so you have a remainder of 0. Now you have your answer!


5 105

25 105 10 05

215 105 10 05 5 0

VOCABULARY FOR DIVISION Divisor- a number that is divided into the dividend.Dividend- number to be divided.Quotient- the answer to a division problemRemainder- a number leftover from the division problem. Ex.19-9=2 r1

WORD PROBLEM:Sally has 35 cookies and she wants to split it up with 6 friends and her. How many cookies should each friend and her get if each get's the same amount of cookies? Each person will get 5 cookies.Heres a way to solve itusing the graph: (right)Count the number of friendsand Sally, then divide the number of friends and Sally into the number of cookies, 35-7=5, you can multiply to check, 5x7=35

35 cookies

Sally friend friend friend 2 3 4

friend friend friend

5 6 7



ANOTHER WORD PROBLEM: Tom has 27 pieces of candy that he wants to split into equal groups of 9. How many pieces of candy should be in each group? There will be 3 groups.Heres a way to solve itusing the graph: (right)The problem for this word problemis 27-9=3. When you use the graph you do the same thing, you try to figure out how many groups there will be if each group has 9 pieces in it.

27 pieces of candy

9 9 9

Does D is for divideMcdonald M is for multiplySell S is for subtractChicken C is for compareBurgers B is for bring down

Division Movie

Teaches you how to divide- by Sophie Beasley





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    awesome job from your friend maddie in mr.woodages class.